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Machines for casting in coated chill mold

The machines are designed to produce castings from steel and cast iron by casting into a chill mold with a coating on its working surface.
Characteristics / Model 49107 49108
Type of machine shuttle carousel
Productivity,  pourings/hour 10÷15 35
Operating  mode semi-automatic
Number of positions / sections, pcs. 3/2 6/6
Size of chill mold in parting plane, mm (max) 1000×(450-500)×250 800×450×240
Portion of poured alloy, kg (max) 50 50
Type of heating electrical
Installed power, kW 105 100
Overall dimensions, mm 8195×4180×5280 10900×6800×4740
Weight (without  rigging), kg 11200 41000