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    Vortex mixers

    sand preparation

    Green sand preparation equipment

    Vortex mixers

    The equipment is designed toprepare green sand in the shops for single-piece production, and as a part of automaticsand preparation complexes – with series and mass production of castings.

    Characteristics / Model 4842 4843
    Productivity, t/hour 15-20 30-40
    Weightof batch, t 0,5 1,0
    Operating mode setting, automatic
    Installed power, kW 42 85
    Overall dimensions, mm 2450×1650×2200 2850×2960×2500
    Weight, kg 4500 7500

    Automaticgreen sand preparation complexes

    Theequipment iscreated on base of vortex mixers. Theequipment isdesignedto prepare sandin series and mass production foundry shops. It isequipped with a set of sand components batching units, operator’s touch screen, a set of devices of automatic control of a sandproperties, software kit ensuring operation of the complex in an automatic and setting mode, collecting and recording process parameters of the sand during a mix preparation.

    Characteristics / Model 4848 4847
    Basic model of vortex mixer 4842 4843
    Productivity, t/hour 15-20 30-40
    Installed power, kW 60 95
    Operating mode setting, automatic
    Setofdosingdevices dry and liquid components of the mix being prepared
    Propertiesundercontrol control of temperature,  mix humidity, weight of each component
    Overall dimensions, mm* 4300×5740×8585 6000×6000×12000
    Weight, kg* 19000 25000

    * overall dimensions and weight of the complex can differ when changing contents of equipment as per customer’s technical specifications.