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    Machines for making of shell molds

    The machines are designed to make shell molds which are used to manufacture steel and other alloys castings.
    Characteristics / Model 46152М 46185А
    Type of machine two-position one-position
    Productivity,  cycles/hour (min) 20 10
    Size of  pattern plate, mm 600×400 650×340
    Thickness of shell being formed, mm 10÷12
    Shell formation time, sec. 45÷60
    Working temperature in the furnace, ºК (ºС) 673 (400)
    Number of furnaces, pcs. 2 1
    Installed power, kW 36,0
    Overall dimensions, mm 6690×1185×3000 4230×1315×3000
    Weight, kg 4660 2550
    Casting Example пример оболочковой формы