Mix preparation plants

Mixture preparation plants are used for delivery and batching of dry sand and liquid components of mixtures into the batch mixers series S1S.

    Based upon capacity of used mixers, UE "INSTITUTE BELNIILIT" developed several trestle-bunker plants for delivery and batching of sand.  In the left picture it is shown mixture preparation plant mod. P1739/S1S-150. In the right picture - the mixture preparation plant P1863/S1S300.
P1863   P1739 Plant for delivery and batching is mounted over mixer and allows to deliver a required dose of sand directly into the mixer by means of available intermediate batcher. In addition to batcher the plants consist of four supporting columns, top platform with ladder and fence for maintenance, bunker for sand storage with volume 1 to 2 cubic meters, which can be enlarged. Depending on the model of the mixer used there are some variants of plant for delivery and batching of sand (maximum single dose of sand is up to 50, 100, 150 and 300 kg).
    For delivery and batching of liquid components the plants are equipped with plunger batching pump on legs, with set of filter-intakes of liquid components from a standard transporting container (barrels).
    For unloading prepared mixture from mixer and its distribution into core-making machines the plants can be equipped with vessels with bottom hatch and trolleys.