Equipment for Centrifugal Casting

Double-rotor centrifugal casting machine model 4986.
Double-position cenrifugal casting machine 4986    The machine is operated in semiautomatic mode with manual pouring of molten metal in rotating metal mold (casting-form).
    The machine is equipped with: 
     - pneumatic system of pushing the casting (bushing) from casting-form to charging chute; 
     - three-stage V-belt drive of casting-form rotation; 
     - mechanism of approach and retract of charging chute; 
     - water cooling of casting-form body.
    Casting-form construction allows making castings of various inside diameter using removable liners, placed on outside surface of castings.
Specification of the machine
Machine type
- double-position
Output, castings/hour
- up to 20
Operation mode
- semiautomatic
Size of casting (bushing), mm
        outside diameter
- up to 500
        inside diameter
- from 80
- up to 500
Casting-form cooling
- water
Height of metal pouring level, mm
- 800
Installed capacity, kW
- 15
Overall dimension of machine (length, width, height), mm
- 2565х1700х1640
Weight, kg
- 3300