Double-position Machine

Double-position Centrifugal Casting Machine 4986    The machine is operated in semiautomatic mode with manual pouring of liquid metal into rotating metal mold (casting-form).
    Basic principle of operation of the machine is following:
    - both chill molds are heated by gas burners;
    - front and rear covers of chill molds are painted;
    - on the first chill mold it is mounted front cover. Centrifuge is brought into rotation;
    - on the inner surface of chill-mold it is applied a heat-insulating coat;
    - after curing the coat the charging chute is entered inside the chill mold and the strictly defined dose of metal is poured inside;
    - the chute is drawn out of the first chill mold and moved to the second which already has a mounted cover and applied coat;
    - the first chill mold proceeds with rotation till complete solidification of castings;
    - centrifuge is stopped and casting is extracted;
    - chill mold is cleaned. Simultaneously all these operations are carried out with the second chill mold. The cycles are repeated.
Machine type
- double-position
Number of centrifuges, pcs.
- 2
Operating mode
- semiautomatic
Output, pouring/hour
- 20...25
Size of casting, mm
        outer diameter
- up to 400
- up to 400
Cooling of casting-forms
- water
Installed capacity, kW
- 15
Overall dimensions of machine (length, width, height), mm
- 2565х1700х1640
Weight, kg
- 3300
Samples of castings