Chill-mold Casting Equipment

   Modern mechanical engineering is increasingly exacting to details of aluminum alloys as regards physical-mechanical and geometric properties as well as surface condition. Besides, there is one of the main requirements for cost saving of castings and final details.
    Engineering process of production of aluminum alloy castings by chill-mold casting meets the above conditions more than other existing engineering processes.
    The most important features of chill-mold casting are the following:
    - high production process;
    - satisfactory geometric relationship of castings;
    - small area required;
    - minimum maintenance staff required;
    - minimum auxiliary technological materials required;
    - minimum ecological effect on environment.
    In present-day mechanical engineering many of critical parts are made, mainly, by method of chill-mold casting (e.g. head of a cylinder block, cylinder block, piston).
    Engineering process of production of aluminum casting in chill mold, its implementation scheme and equipment used depend on production program, geometrical complexity of castings and other factors.
    At the present time it is conventional to divide chill-mold equipment into single-position and multiple-position.
    Single-position Machines
    Multiple-position Machines (rotary)
    Chill-mold Complex